Food Security Network

One of the newest projects completed by the Food Security Network of Hastings and Prince Edward Counties is the Food Access Guide. 


The Food Access Guide for Hastings & Prince Edward Counties

Welcome to the Food Access Guide for Hastings & Prince Edward Counties.  

This Guide was developed by the Food Security Network to enhance public access to information about free or low cost food and meal programs and services in Hastings and Prince Edward counties.

The Guide has been divided into 6 geographic areas: Belleville, Central Hastings, North Hastings, Prince Edward County, Quinte West and South East Hastings.  In each area you will find information on programs and services such as emergency food services, meal programs, collective kitchens, cooking classes, food box programs, community gardens, student nutrition programs, grocery delivery and transportation services.

Click on the desired geographic area below to view or download in PDF format:

Central  Hastings
North Hastings
Prince Edward County
Quinte West
South East Hastings

Organizations who wish to update their information or add their programs or services to this document can contact:

Food Security Network of Hastings & Prince Edward Counties
613-966-5513 ext. 457


Food Security Network of Hastings & Prince Edward Counties


Our Vision is that residents of Hastings and Prince Edward counties will be food secure.


What is food security?

Food security is multifaceted and is broader than being free from hunger.

Food security means that all people have access to an adequate supply of safe, affordable and nutritious food without social or economic barriers.

Canada’s Action Plan for Food Security – 1998 “… recognizes that food security implies access to adequate food and sufficient food supplies. Poverty reduction, social justice and sustainable food systems are essential conditions.”


Why is this important?

Food security is an important health, social, and economic goal. Community food security is part of the continuum that builds on the strengths of the current food system and addresses gaps and weaknesses. Because the issue is complex and involves a number of sectors, a variety of stakeholders must work together to achieve a sustainable, equitable food system that improves human and environmental health and well-being, increases choice within the food marketplace, and builds vibrant and rural economies.

A food-secure Hastings and Prince Edward will benefit all residents.


What does the Network do?

The Network provides a forum for information sharing and collaboration on actions that will contribute to food security and support a sustainable local food system.


Our goals are to:

  • Raise awareness that people are going hungry in Hastings and Prince Edward counties
  • Identify and use opportunities to educate the community about food security
  • Provide information about and promote programs and services that foster access to safe, affordable, nutritious and personally acceptable food
  • Identify needs for food security programs and look for ways and means to invest in them through community partnerships
  • Identify and advocate for ways and means to improve food security
  • Promote partnerships and programs that support rural-urban food links and the availability of locally grown foods
  • Consider opportunities for collaboration with other organizations, within or outside Hastings and Prince Edward counties, to further the goal of food security


Membership in the Food Security Network is open to all individuals and representatives from agencies and programs who support the goal of working toward food security for all in Hastings and Prince Edward counties.

For more information call 613-966-5513 ext. 293 or click here to email us at